Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Secret Project!

This is an image from my "top secret" self project....

So secret, that i wont even tell you what it is...But nonetheless, im going to post it, just to give ya a lil taste!


Rice and Eggs said...

These are all badass Marco!!!! Glad you posted them. Time to get on the Hub too!!!!!


joverine said...

holy effin' crap this is amazing
I'll buy whatever it is your selling!
Ya what killa B says-get on the Hub!

Marco Nelor said...

thanx dudes, i just slow at posting..u know how it is wana post, but as soon as you do it, its like "man this is crap."

its a downward spiral..i tell u

joverine said...

I don't see any crap on your blog dude! I'm diggin' all of it