Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This image was done for a competition on CGHub.

I created an alien being that inhabits the Lifeless Forest. I wanted the mood, as well as the creature, to be cold and creepy. I hope you guys dig it!

thanks for stopping by,


joverine said...

looks sweet dude!
i never made one on you're representing in the contest!
gl buddy!!! i digg it :D

Andrew Olson said...

this one came out really nice, one of my faves-nice work!

Johan Derycke said...

Just found your blog through Creature Artists blog.
Definitely following!

Rice and Eggs said...

Thanks Joe, I aprreciate it.

Andrew- thanks bro, I'm glad that you liked it. Your work kicks ass too dude!

Johan- thanks man, I hope you continue to follow us onto And definitely stick around The Nation, it's growing and there are more great artists coming aboard really soon!