Sunday, June 21, 2009

IlluxCon2 image -'misaligned

I mean to post a more lengthy progress description of this on my blog, but thought it might be nice to share this over here first. This is a commission I got to do for Pat Wilshire - the man behind IlluxCon
I'm really flattered they asked . I can't say enough good things about this "convention" - although it hardly feels like a convention.
This is 16" w x 26" h - oil on linen.


Rice and Eggs said...

Scott, your images are always so imaginative and inspirational. Thanks for sharing on here bro!!!!


Scott Altmann said...

Ahhh thanks Brad..I mean....Brad :)
Did you say in IMAGINATION! !

what is wrong with me?


Scott Altmann said...

holy shit^ Dude look above...I meant to make a joke and call you Brad but I didn't put your name in correct...I said Brad twice! This is so weird. It is like my brain is wired not to get your name 'Bart' right!
That is so strange.....I don't know what is happening.

Rice and Eggs said...

Seriously man, I want whatever you're smoking! :P

Scott Altmann said...

lol -
Here's the key - lack of sleep + trying to do too many things at once, too fast = mindless lunatic :)