Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I never seem to know when things are finished. It's gotten to the point that it's finished when I can't focus any more. Seemed like a fitting title for more than a few reasons, time to move on.

There is a link up on my website with a Process PSD if you are interested;

Loving what I see up here lately <3


Rice and Eggs said...

You're the man! PLEASE keep on posting dude, I'm truly motivated when you do.


Flo said...

Wonderfull work's Best site...
Best style... and color
See you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mark McDonnell said...

BEAUTIFUL piece . . .. love it man.



Scott Altmann said...

ooo so pretty Tom. Great mood in this one.
You better visit Dave and I in SDCC dude!

Tom Scholes said...

Bart: Shit howdy, you're the man! Not me. I promisssssse. How's Texas treating you? Been thinking of moving lately.

Flo: Thank you kindly!

Mark McDonnell: Appreciate it!

Scotty: Thank you kindly sir! I finally figured out my SDCC plans and I will see you for sure homey!

Serg.S said...

Love the feel of your work! Very enchanting, id love to see the posses of it. Ill check out the file ;)