Monday, September 21, 2009

Howdy Folks,

I'm currently looking for a new full-time position within the fields of Visual Development/Concept Art. If you know of anything that might be a good fit I'd sure appreciate the help :) I've got almost two and a half years experience on 4 titles and am also extremely passionate <3

contact me at thomasscholes at

I've been really enjoying art once again after a few very dormant months and as a result I have been doing about a personal painting a day as well as a few doodles here and there on top of everything else. It's been really fulfilling to expand and explore a bit further than I have been able to lately.

Anyhow, here are a few recent paintings. Some are more finished than others and all could use another layer of polish and refinement but it's time to move on and focus on other weaknesses.


Desmond Wolfhelm Quaye said...

Cool pictures Tom,just wondering how do you get those painter like canvas effect or hue.

Rice and Eggs said...

I think that only a precious few artists have the ability to make the viewer feel as though they are in another world, and at another time. We should all strive, as artists, to achieve that goal. Tom, you're there my friend.

thanks for posting,

C.R.MacTernan said...

Stunning. Everytime I see your work...;)

Damion009 said...

truly outstanding!

Scott Altmann said...

you know i love these Scholey ....go get a sweet job and make me proud

Tom Scholes said...

Desmond Wolfhelm Quaye: Thanks Desmond! Can you pinpoint exactly what you are seeing and send it my way? I might be able to help.

Rice and Eggs: Woah! You are much too kind Bart! Seriously I've got so much more to learn about that and everything else related to art. :) Hope you are well!

C.R.MacTernan: Awwwww, it's mutual :) Speaking of which let's see some new art?

Damion009: Thank you kindly! Nice work yourself !

Scotty: Awwwwww Altmannyyyy! I will, I will ! I wish you were my real step father !

joverine said...

I just saved all of these to my 'inspiration' folder
so you are now official inspiring ;)
cut & paste what Rice and Eggs said here as well...
will now find your site/blog and add you to my blogroll


joverine said...

er you're already on the blogroll lol
wow note to self=more sleep... X)

Desmond Wolfhelm Quaye said...

I was just wondering the setting that you have for the smudge tool or how you smudge.Also what layers do you use to make your pictures more vibrant.