Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mahvoh Capcom and a chibi

Another warmup gone too far. I love to fill a page until there's absolutely no room left for any other character-these sometimes look like collages. I kept returning to this page in between Darkstalkers pencils.  Before warmup sketchin I was lookin' through Joe Mad's Ultimates comic(pencils version) so if you recognize that Venom that's why ;)
The Venom in Black is probably also inspired by Mad's but drawn on another day.
 I did these Bishamon studies before I started pencilling the Darkstalkers pages.  I used a cheap bic pen Carmine Red, Light Blue and Blue Col Erase that I switched between for this page.  Kinda works since Bishamon is mainly those colours anyways.
Werewolf + ninja = pure awesomesauce of Talbain.
My good buddy Dax has been on a chibi kick-and it's infectious.
Once I started I couldn't stop-maybe they remind me of the old flour sack 
of Sheridan animation assignments back in the day?
Here's Viper in Chibi and Kawaii styles
"kawaii: An adjective in Japanese meaning " pretty; cute; lovely; charming; dear; darling; pet" It's stem is two kanji meaning "can love". It is commonly used by anime and manga fans."
(I didn't know this until a Deviant artist commented on my page)

fun stuff



tooled said...

huzah joe this stuff is dope! but i gotta say i am a lil biased when it comes to venom- he's hands down my favorite.

Sabin Boykinov said...

Samurai character is amazing !
Really inspirational characters, man :)

joverine said...

tooled: thanks!-ya Venom is one of my favs also-so much fun to draw and to look at!

Sabin Boykinov: thanks Sabin-Bishamon is pretty badass-a demon head for armour? pfft insta-cool

Kendra Melton said...

those samurai look awesome. Nice job

joverine said...

Kendra Melton: Thanks Kendra :)

Big Sam said...

Freakin golden man!

Scott Altmann said...

Great stuff Joe- thanks for sharing all these. Diggin that samurai as well :)

joverine said...

Big Sam: thanks man!

Scott Altmann: thanks Scott! Samurai rule.

Okmer said...

Totaly digging the samurai stuff!as all of it.
awesome linework! :-)

Damion009 said...

this is so good I hate you!!!!