Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unholy Grail

This Grail enables vampires to drink their own blood in extremes circumstances.Very painfull solution and only used as last resort when there are no unwilling victims around.

Part of a picture I've done a while ago and which I overpainted for the ImagineFX Q&A section on how to paint vampire hands.
Hope you like it :-)


Silver said...

This is digital work? Or traditional?

Okmer said...

Hi Silver,

It's digital, done in Photoshop.

Rice and Eggs said...

Nice job Remko! cool vibe you have going with this one.


Scott Altmann said...

that is really nice-great drawing displayed here

tooled said...

beautiful piece remko!


Annie said...

I have that copy of IFX, great issue. Love the pic great job man.