Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Prison Planet Concepts

Recently I contributed to an ongoing 6 part tutorial series on the pipeline of concept art in video games.  The series is comprised of environments, characters and vehicles/props. I was lucky enough to work with two powerhouse artists in the game world, Thomas Pringle and Craig Sellars.  I came up with the game idea and basically the 3 artists just went to town!   Thomas did environments, Craig did the vehicles and I did the character tutorial section.  Here are some of the images that are included in the magazine spread...

 If you want to check out the full tutorial, the issue  is chock full of other really amazing artwork.

 If you're not familiar with these guys, shame on  you!  Check them out here:


Big THANKS to Simon and the rest of the 2D Artist magazine crew!  Amazing group of guys, a blast to work with.

I hope you guys dig 'em,


Daniel said...

Awesome, that's all i can say :]
congrats on making this happen man !

Rice and Eggs said...

Daniel, thanks bro I really appreciate it! Stay tuned I have more coming... :P

C.R. MacTernan said...

Dude, that's incredibly cool. Congrats and well done. ;D I cannot wait for what's to come!

Rice and Eggs said...

Thanks C-MAC!!!

I appreciate the support brah!

I can't wait to be able to show some more soon too! Lots of cool things happening right now.

Hope all's well on your end, I'd love to see more from you!


Scott Altmann said...

awesome design Bart and Eggs! yeah - show more when you can :)

Rice and Eggs said...

Thanks Mr. Scott!!!! I will be posting some stuff as soon as I'm allowed to for sure. Glad you dug it, thanks again.


Richard Cu Doble said...


Rice and Eggs said...

Thanks Rich!