Sunday, March 13, 2011

hey guys, long time no post :P been getting settled in with the new digs n jerb in montrealz.

here is a few sketch things i've done recently.

(this one is a study)^

a bientot.


Scott Altmann said...

damn Chase- these are really awesome! Seems like you are getting even more painterly recently, and yet the work has more of a sense of naturalism too. I'm loving it.
Hope all is good and hope to catch up soon !

Rice and Eggs said...

Wow, those suck dude... what kind of job didja git in Montreal? Starbucks manager?

On the reals though, nice mood and variation to these. You make it look like fun to paint again... I need to find some time to do that stuff! Thanks for posting suckah, keep 'em coming foo.


tooled said...

thanks guys,youre too kind. except bart, you my friend are too... you.


C.R. MacTernan said...

Amazing!! I love the lighting in that landscape piece. I was admiring the stabby Mcstabberson on CGHub just yesterday. The title made me giggle.

Richard Cu Doble said...

you win!

Simon Loche said...

Enorme! Really great stuff! More please... ^^