Saturday, December 10, 2011

Iracnory - Last female dragon

Back after 12 years :)

Iracnory is the last female dragon in this kingdom and she is pregnant.
Chased by the (evil) king and his knights willing to put an end to the Dragon Reign, Nin-yafa has the hard task to bring her  to safer places so she can give birth to her dragonets/baby-dragons and maintain the dragon race.
Been a while I could do some personal work again

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Scott Altmann said...

that is freakn' awesome
will have to pick up the mag

Simon Loche said...

Impressive! Great work!

Shreya said...


Phil Lietz said...

so sick!!!!

Rice and Eggs said...

What can I say Remko, I love this piece! thanks for coming back to us!!!!! :P


tooled said...

needs mo tits. but i guess its pretty good regardless.


C.R. MacTernan said...

This is just beautiful!! Lovely work.