Friday, April 27, 2012

Back from the Wall

Hehe life in the north is getting nice and summer-y. Anyone around the Quebec area? I'll buy the first round:D How are things around here? I know I have beem absent for a while. Hoping this monster dump makes up for it a little c:


Phil Lietz said...

phew, what an update! great stuff!

Simon Loche said...

wow... ^_^'

Scott Altmann said...

dang- you threw down!
awesome stuff sir

Rice and Eggs said...

so many of these are soooo good Even. Sweet post! I really dig the warrior with his back to us with the two swords, and the giant "troll" is sweet too.

GREAT drop,

Remko Troost said...

Absolutely beautiful.Love your use of colors and perspective, character poses.Very inspirational sir!