Thursday, June 28, 2012

Some fun work on my free time.

I've posted these before on my facebook, but I realized that I hadn't posted any of them here!  Anyway, I've been doing these portraits and caricatures lately as a refreshing change from my daily "grind".  As much as I love my job, it's nice to break away and do a little something different.  One day, maybe when I'm all gray and jiggly (half way there now) I'll pick up the brushes again and do more of these traditionally...  for now I hope you guys digz!


 The baddest man in Hollywood, Danny Trejo.

Wifey, the reason I work so hard.

Good friend and fellow concept artist Marco Nelor.

The baddest man in boxing, Manny Pacquiao.

Tommy Lee Jones.



Scott Altmann said...

these are awesome man! you could have had a totally other career as a charicature artist. I actually thought some of these were traditional oils too. Hope all is great man - love the post :)

Marco Ferrigno said...

you must be so proud of those paintings. brilliant stuff.


Rice and Eggs said...

Hey Scott, all's great here in Dally. Outside it's all sun, all the time.
Thanks for the kind words about the "paintings" man, means a lot coming from an artist like you!

Marco, thanks dude. I'm grinding away... :P

Simon Loche said...

Great works! :)

Rice and Eggs said...

thank you so much Simon! I look forward to seeing your updates man... :P busy busy busy