Sunday, May 17, 2009

grunge dude WIP

This was just meant to be a little warmup before work. I was experimenting with a new painterly brush and found myself unable to pull away. Had to much fun 'pulling and pushing' with the tones I guess.


Scott Altmann said...

yeah man - I peeped this on your blog. Real sweet.
I wish my warm-ups could be so....warm :)

joverine said...

Scott Altmann: lol thanks Scott

Daniel said...

Nice portrait sir :]

Rice and Eggs said...

Like I mentioned in your Hub Gallery Joe, this one is money! Very different take than your usual, and I'm inspired to do something different myself now too.

thanks for posting it brother,

joverine said...

Daniel: thanks Daniel X)

Rice and Eggs: thanks Bart-was definitely a fun one-very relaxed and natural so I'll do more soon! send me a msg when you do it up too btw !