Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hydrologic Flow Modulators and a Hello!

I've been wanting to post a hello over here for quite awhile, sad thing is that until just now I haven't finished a personal painting in over two months. The art on this blog makes me incredibly happy and inspired. I've had the pleasure of meeting a few of you and I hope to meet the rest of you soon. San Diego Comic Con '09 anyone?

I've posted up the process in PSD format over at my website if anyone is interested, there's also me blabbing on about some sort of nonsense but you can ignore that.


Rice and Eggs said...

Super cool Tom, this has a really distinct mood, I like it a lot!


Scott Altmann said...

Really pretty image Tawwwmm. Definitely has that Scholes stamp :)

-kube- said...

Very nice indeed, another great image on the blog!

joverine said...

wow this is pretty full of awesome
great mood and love the simplistic figures-very effective

Tom Scholes said...

Bart - Thank you kindly! Glad to finally join you rockstars on this aptly named blog.

Scotty: Hey chief! Scholes Stamp! Hehehe. Did I hear you are going to SDCC this year?

-kube-: Why thank you very much!

joverine: Thank you thank you!

Scott Altmann said...

Tom -I will be there dude. Sharing a booth with David Palumbo and Daren Bader. I have prepared nothing!
But - you better stop by and say hello!

Scott Altmann said...
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Daniel said...

Love it !