Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's get Kraken!!!

Recently the good folks over at ImagineFX magazine www.imaginefX.com asked me to do a workshop for their upcoming Clash of the Titans themed issue.  Here's a sneak peak into the workshop and of course the final image.  I had loads of fun doing this I hope you guys dig it!



Won Choi said...

Congrats Bart! that came out really nicely.

Scott Altmann said...

nice Bart! Congrats on the nice article.
Oh...I loled at the title of this post :)

tooled said...

thumbs up mang!

cMoF said...

Awesome job, Bart. Can't wait to check out that issue.

Phil wohr said...

Sweet image man and congrats on the magazine spot!

Rice and Eggs said...

Won- thanks bro, I appreciate it!

Scott- thanks mang! It was fun to do, tough to squeeze into the schedule, but most definitely worth doing! Glad you like the title... :P
I tried to use that as the article title, but they opted for "Release the Kraken" instead.

tooled- thanks Chase, glad you dug it.

Moff- thanks dude, appreciated the input on it as well.

Phil- thanks Fil!! :P When are you going to start posting here on The Nation again???? Don't be a stranger mang!!!!!!!

C.R. MacTernan said...

Hey man! Thought I commented here, but I will do now! This is wonderful! What an awesome piece. Congrats to you, what great news! You def killed it with this one. Bravo!

Rice and Eggs said...

Thanks Christine!!! You're the best! I appreciate the kind words and am eagerly waiting for you to post some new gold for all of us to admire!!

Thanks again,

Okmer said...

Amazing job Bart, just read the article :-) Congratz man!

joverine said...

woot! grats bro
sorry for late reply-been slackin on my online-ness