Monday, March 15, 2010

til death do us part

These were some ideas I had bouncing around recently for Dominance War V. It's been delayed until next year but I thought I might get around to modeling this one anyway just for fun.



tooled said...

Loooo-ten-ant DAN!

nice ;) i picture this guy being like cotton off of king of the hill.

Mburke said...

Genius Moff! LOVE the Lt. Dan reference, and great mechanical design for the harness.

cMoF said...

tooled - thanks dude. Yeah, I want to make them stylized for sure.

Burke - Thanks brutha! Of course it's a great mechanical design,that harness and springy suspension seat was YOUR idea!haha Remember I was going to have them joined at the spine? lame.

Okmer said...

I love it!Great characters with lots of personality

Marcus Hadlock said...

haha this is great- so are they actually attached at the hip or just strapped together? I thought they may be attached as the title is til death do us part- but that could go either way I guess- Amazing drawings-