Saturday, July 3, 2010

catch up

Going to drop some stuff in here before too much builds up. Mostly Young Adult work , but some other things as well. Thanks for checkin it out !



C.R. MacTernan said...

Bad ass all around Skitz! Those inks are S I C K!!!

tooled said...

you're sooooooo pretty scott, and pretty damn good at this art thing. you're like a 1-2 combo :)

hope you don't mind but I jacked that forest one for my desktop ;)

Scott Altmann said...

Christine- you are too good to me. Thanks dude-I've been working on my inking. I suck so bad - but I do think I've made a little progress. Just feel so damn stiff and tight when I ink! Thanks as always - post some work you nutter.

Chase- hahaaa- thanks my friend. I'm honored to have an image of mine on your desktop. *salutes*

Rice and Eggs said...

Scott, great work as always. I dig that "bird's eye" view painting! creepy... I love it.