Monday, July 5, 2010

warhammer first and second

I did these two (as well as another one that I can't show yet) this past January, and I'm pretty stoked that I can finally post them :) this is my first printed work and it's a pretty big landmark for me. I've been doing non-stop work for fantasy flight since then so there will be lots of updates n the future.



Scott Altmann said...

looking great chase! Congrats on entering the print world as well. If I had to drop one suggestion , is just to be wary of the heavy amount of black. I am probably projecting my own issues, since I have a problem with abusing black so now I see it everywhere. Very nice work sir!

tooled said...

thanks scott, you're totally right tho man, there is just too much black (or really dark colors) just kinda sitting there. its hard to read and the cool lil details get lost or pop out way too much. damn wish i could get a redo :P, oh well you live and you learn ;)

[46175](ms) said...

I like that amount of black :)
maybe because I am a big fan of black too, but it works well..
at least you don't have to search for contrast ;D

Rice and Eggs said...

Nice work Chase, congrats on getting your first published work! You're bound to have tons more in the future for sure.


Richard Cu Doble said...

love the last one!