Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Night's Watch

This is something that I contributed to our studio blog post for Game of Thrones fanart.  I hope you guys dig it, check out the rest of my peeps here:


thanks for stopping by all,


Scott Altmann said...

really nice amigo! I love the faces on the central dude and the dude in shadow. Greatso !

Rice and Eggs said...

Hey thanks Scott, I got pretty lazy on the "bookend" guys, but hey... what can you do, I'm sleepy. :(

Damion009 said...

this is outstanding!!! great attitudes!!!

Simon Loche said...

This is sooooo good! \o/

Rice and Eggs said...

Damion and Simon, thanks for the super nice words! I really tried to capture that cold, hard vibe from the Night's Watch on Game of Thrones. I'm glad you guys dig it!

thanks again,