Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When We Were Executioners

Hello, Gang !
My name is Julien Alday. I'm a French illustrator, working in mixed-media for several fields such as book covers, comics, and astrophysic thesis.
Recently, I had the chance to be the cover artist for J.M McDermott's Dogsland trilogy. Book number one is "Never Knew Another", a real beauty with an unusual structure for a Fantasy book, thanks to McDermott talent. Volume two is "When We Were Executioners", and was released yesterday ! Here's the two covers. I hope you'll like it.

And here's some personal work made in Endinburgh, one year ago.

I'm glad to be here !
Take care, guys !



Stryke said...

the last one is really awesome

Scott Altmann said...

Julien! Glad you could make it to the blog....wonderful works my friend :)

Marco Ferrigno said...

Your illustrations are nice, the second one has a lot going on in it, i recon some relatively blank space would help to calm things down with the composition a bit.

Very nice piece at the bottom, the tavern sign has a christian cross for the T, did you create that or was that already there?


Rice and Eggs said...

Great work Julien, and welcome aboard! I love the diversity that your work brings to the blog, thanks again for joining.


Simon Loche said...

Bienvenu Julien!

Fantastic artworks! Craving for seeing more.