Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hey - great to catch an invite to this artparty! This is going to be supa! Always good to get an outlet for the unusual images that happen sometimes :)

Not that I want you to read too much into this particular slice of my imagination...

Here' something I'm doing for a erotic art group show next weekend in SF.

30x40, oil on canvas - the largest thing I've painted since art school - I wanted to approach it in the same way I might do any work - same kind of paint handling - just with bigger brushes :) It got really thick - something I'm loving about real media painting these days!


Scott Altmann said...

Ahh great to see you here Marc! Wish I could see this in person . I'm sure the scale. brushstrokes are just totally lost through the computer. Looks great though from here:)

Rice and Eggs said...

Sweeet! Leave it to you to bring the erotic art onboard Holmes!!! :P I knew there was a reason to get you involved... :)

Can't wait to see more... and I know you said that Merck is still a grumpy old man but you should totally nudge him into the 21st century and get him posting here!!!!

Anonymous said...

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