Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm on..!!

Lemme begin with a big thanks to Bart for ahving me on board 'the imagenation'.
its such an honour to be with all you guys.. everyone's so talented.

Im a concept artist from india,currently working on a themepark project.
I was into 2D animation and then animation design .
currently working on my own comic book title which hopefully will go on its first run early next year.

Im posting a few images currently which Bart really liked.
posting a few recent ones too.
got a blog

everybody's free to vist there for more works..
but i will be posting new ones here as well.

thanks and such a great nation indeed!!



Rice and Eggs said...

Manoj, great to see you on here! This stuff is really awesome and I can't wait to see more dude! I love all of these.


Manoj a menon said...

thanks Bart..
let me congradulate you for having such a great place..
such talents i must say..

Richard Doble said...

your line work is awesome!