Monday, November 23, 2009

my pet!


-kube- said...

Amazing! I really dig this one, nice work Richard.

Rice and Eggs said...

You're one sick dude Rich, I LOVE it!


Manoj a menon said...

hi richard.. i think you are excellent with many styles..
sense of details wort mentioning

manoj a menon

Tooled! said...

heehee... nipples.

Scott Altmann said...


Richard Doble said...

kube: thanks man!

rice and eggs: lol! right on man, wheres your updates?

manoj a menon: I'm a big fan of your design sense, line work and sensitivity for shapes.

tooled: I dont know why I gave him those, but I needed something to fill in the space.

scott altmann: thanks dood!

Rice and Eggs said...

Dammit Rich... why you gotta call me out fo'?????!!!???

Aight, soon mang, soon.