Saturday, October 24, 2009

Busy week for posts on the Nation!

I haven't posted here for what seems like a year or so, and it's amazing how many incredibly talented people have come to this blog.

Absolutely amazing!

I thought I would put up a couple of the pieces that I have finished up in the last couple months. The first was a model that I started 2 years ago off of a concept from a buddy of mine while we were at Ensemble Studios on a prototype project. Andy Cotnam did the concept and you check out the image here. The project never went forward, and either did the model for 2 years... but I always loved the concept, and I was determined to finish it.

The other was an image I did for out most recent post on Art Bot Central (the artist blog over at Robot Entertainment). Like C. Moffitt, I chose to do the Baroness.

Well, that's it from me. Until next time,



Damion009 said...


Rice and Eggs said...

Nice work Kube, great to see you spread your wings again.


Scott Altmann said...

Awesome Kube- good to see what you've been up to

Won Choi said...

Nice~ I wanna see more~

matthew said...

Stop being stingy with your work Kube-erine!! I bet Andy LOVED that model of yours, you really captured his concept really well!

tooled said...


cMoF said...

Right on! Kube, you really need to get Greta printed out. She would look so tight on your desk! Maybe ownage could give you a discount on 2 of them, 'cause you know Cotz is going to want one.