Friday, October 2, 2009

Working Illo's

Hey guys and gals...for those that share other blogs with me, I am sorry for the redundancy, but I am so happy to finally get to show these. NDA's are tough, because when they finally get around to dropping, the artist has already moved on and grown a bit. Having said that, I am glad these get to see the light of day. I hope you enjoy! The Zombies were done for an ERS calendar ( it is for sale here if you are interested ERSCalendar) and the last five were done for ShadowRun. Best! -C.R.


Big Sam said...

insanity! To the millionth power!

Damion009 said...


Scott Altmann said...

Ya know I love the new stuff :) Can't wait to see the next batch of work.

Rice and Eggs said...

Great stuff Christine, I really dig 'em. I love the dude with the newspaper!

I hear ya about the NDA stuff, I wish I could show some of the things that I've been working on lately. Unfortunately they're going to have to wait...

Keep 'em coming dude!


C.R.MacTernan said...

Big Sam-
Hahahah! Thank you to the millionth power!

Hahaha, you and Sam are crackin' me up. I want to use your quotes as a selling pitch on my website. ;) Thank you Damion!

Heheheh...I just left you a comment on another board. ;) Thanks m'man...I am totally workin' on it. But we gotta run it by your son first, I don't wanna gross anyone out. He's gonna be my test audience.

Thanks man! Yeah, I know right?? Oooo I wanna see what you have been hiding! Hopefully I will have more soon.

Sept13 said...

These are great, love the shadowrun stuff! :)

jamie holmes said...

This is really great.