Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm a stupid idiot fat face stupidhead

Hey all. Brilliant work being posted here. Time for me to drop the quality level a bit and bring back a sense of mediocrity into your lives.
Here's some images that have recently been released. Thanks for looking and any crits are always welcome .

The Ring of Five
Random House

The Shadow Hunt
Harper Collins

ImagineFX #49


C.R.MacTernan said...

Scott Altman!!
If I knew your middle name i'd use that too. Do you even know how much I and a LOT of others LOVE your work. Your so humble bumble bee. I love that about you too mang. Seriously...your work is great. It always captures me and your have a great eye for color and story. Don't sell yourself short. Now give me that gun. Give it to meeee.

Rice and Eggs said...

Scott, not only are you a stupid idiot fat face stupidhead, buy you're insane as well! These are suhweet. You're colors are really inviting man! Keep it up. This stuff is magical! BTW, don't be afraid to throw in a monster every now and then though!!!! :P


Scott Altmann said...

AHh chanks -we all go through those moods I suppose. I probably shouldn't post during those days though! My middle name is a secret...a dark dark secret....

Bart- Hhaa- correct! Yeah -I love doing the Young Adult work, and I am really grateful that I have gotten a lot of jobs in that market. BUT -I really want to get some darker , more mature stuff too. Maybe it is a grass-is-greener-on-the-udder-side thing :)

Sept13 said...

Drop the quality? You raise the quality! Now I'm piss-scared to post anything!

Scott Altmann said...

Sept13- No way man! Your work rocks...but you are a sweetie pie for saying that ;)

-kube- said...

Saw this stuff in Imagine FX recently. Such great work Scott, congrats!