Saturday, December 19, 2009

Couple of things

Been a few! so i just thought id post a couple of things...

first one is My half of me and Rice n Egg's personal vs challenge series....this topic was "medieval" i chose to do a depiction of two medieval, creepy werewolf girls...just a warm up..i didnt expect bart to post the warmup pieces, so now im embarassed!

the other is a portrait i did of a friend, for fun
Gotta get back into the swing of things!

also...i managed to weasel my way into issue 63 of Advanced photoshop magazine! go pick it up!
lotta talent in there! (not including myself, lol)


Rice and Eggs said...

That portrait is nice bro! I really dig it. Congrats on the mag article too!

Now bring it for the next VS. foo!!

Richard Doble said...

these are sweet marco!

cMoF said...

Nice, Marco! Those are some creepy looking teen wolves. ;) That portrait rocks and congrats on getting in Advanced Photoshop!

Sept13 said...

Looks awesome, again! It's always interesting to peek into your process.

Gratz for getting into Adv. Photoshop mag :)

tooled said...

awesome work mang, the spread is f'n great! how did you end up doing in the Dominance war thing?


C.R. MacTernan said...

Yup yup...diggin the portrait dude. Nice works and congrats to you. ;)