Friday, December 18, 2009

Night Kind

Hey all, here's an update from me I know it's been a while.  Marco and I are doing a friendly little "VS." project where I'm doing a series of concepts for a Vampire race and he's doing the Werewolf race.  It's all for fun and we're just trying to push each other. This is my first concept, he's just a citizen of the race.  Stay tuned and we'll be sure to post the rest of the series in the near future.

hope y'all dig 'em!


joverine said...

looks awesome bro! i luv it
the highlight on the chest is my fav part ;)


luvin' that face
show the WIP's!!


Scott Altmann said...

Really cool! He's got a nice readable shape to him. Looking forward to seeing what you two dudes come up with.

possible suggestion?
I love that shadow going across the top of his body. Perhaps put the head in shadow too? I think you could do it , yet still bring enough reflected light into it so you can still see the facial features.

Just a suggestion!

Rice and Eggs said...

I don't mind suggestions at all, especially coming from you Scott. I actully went back and forth quite a bit with that area. Dumb on my part because I just didn't want to lose the work that I had already done on his head. I know better than to get attached to one area of a concept design. Thanks for the slap in the face Scott I deserved it!

Sept13 said...

That's one cool vampire man! I really dig the dynamic shape, really tense.

If we can suggestions, I'd like to suggest something too :)If you don't mind?

I'd like to see the "pectoralis major" and "deltoid" more shaped.

It looks like he's really fit guy but his arm is a bit like jelly. Might want to push that "I'm really strong"-factor :)

Awesome work anyways! Better keep 'em coming!

Rice and Eggs said...

I made some changes based on Scott's and S13's suggestions. I think that it improved the image a ton. I hope you guys agree.


Richard Doble said...
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Richard Doble said...

this is sweet B! I love how you used the light from the window to show the silhouette of the left arm, the veins on the right arm is an awesome touch, and not a lot of people can pull that off and not make it look tacky.

this is just me thinking out loud, so I'm not suggesting anything. I see blood on the chin and on the floor, but not on the amulet thing on his neck or any splatter on his body. specular highlights can totally help describe how fresh the blood is.

Ive been watching forensic types of documentaries and shows, so it translates on how I break down situations in ideas.

sweet update. more please!

Rice and Eggs said...

Thanks Rich! Stay tuned Marco and I should be posting more goodies soon!

cMoF said...

This turned out badass, Bart! I love that you put his face in the shadows. Definitely makes it feel creepier. Can't wait to see some more of these dudes.

tooled said...

nice work bart, i like the overall feeling and tones of this one. calm with an edged, like a rattle snake. a tip o' the cap to you my friend.