Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trailer Hood Redesign

So about 4 years ago me and Matt had this idea for a graphic novel that never got any further than a few character descriptions and some rough sketches. It was called 'TrailerHood' and one of the characters that I came up with was a little boy named, 'William Pumkin'. He was the only one I took to completion (see old drawings at the top) and I even created a sculpy maquette of him. I recently started going back to these characters and I'm wanting to make them all in zbrush and then someday pose them all for a big group render.

What inspired me to revisit this guy was a movie my wife and I watched called, 'Son of Rambow'. The bully in the movie totally reminded me of William so I took a picture of him from the movie and liquified and painted the image to match what I envisioned for the character.
So this is where I'm at after just a couple of hours. I'm still adding the hair pieces, (which takes forever) and then I have a bunch of expressions that I want to post as soon as I finish the teeth. Hope you guys dig it.



Rice and Eggs said...

Dude, you're the best artist in the world. :P

Thanks for the post Moff, this one rules! I can't wait to do our colab and blow people's minds... or just blow our own minds.


cMoF said...

hahaha. thanks, B. Hurry up and give me something to sculpt on! I've discovered I get more done when I'm bouncing around between multiple projects. Gotta keep this momentum going!

tooled said...

dooooood i had that hair cut... nice update.

cMoF said...

tooled: hahaha, yes, unfortunately I had the same cut in jr. high, only I wore a cosby sweater with a gold chain on the outside....around my turtleneck... :O

tooled said...

oh my that's terrifying!