Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ImagineFX cover and random pieces + step-by-step

Hi all! You're still kicking ass and being just awesome. I just want to share some stuff that I can, since it's been a while from my last update. Lots of stuff still under NDA, but I can show you this ImagineFX cover that I did!

I also included few random personal pieces, and a step-by-step, since I've been asked to do one for once. If anyone finds it fun to go through my process, then I'm happy :)

Also, I'm job hunting for a full-time position within Europe, so if anyone's got an idea, I'd appreciate it! :)

Keep rocking guys, you make my day!


Tamel Eidek said...

Small world. I found your blog through Kyle who used to be in animation with me at DoJ. I was in that issue of IFX too with a news piece on my event D-CON =]

Love the cover picture!!!

Rice and Eggs said...

Great job S13! Congratulations on the cover and article. Keep up the GREAT work my friend.


tooled said...

thanks for the process dood, gw!


Scott Altmann said...

Congrats on the cover and article man! I'll have to check that out. I'm sure you'll be finding a job soon- any studio would be lucky to snatch ya up.

Sept13 said...

Tamel: Thanks! :) Small world indeed! Cool to see you in the same IFX!

Rice and Eggs: Thanks man, you keep up your great work aswell!

Tooled: Cheers man! :)

Scott Altmann: Your too kind man! You better post more, I'm missing my dose of Altmann-greatness!

Richard Doble said...